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Here are some of our listings which are over on realtor.com for your information.

Home for Sale      7 Constance Cir. Bella Vista, Ar  $ 273,800  MLS#  606573 (New Construction) Built By Van Construction,Inc

Home for Sale  34 Devizis Dr. Bella Vista, Ar  $ 238,700      MLS#  606898 (New Construction) Built By Van Construction,Inc

Home for Sale  3507 NW Riverbend Bentonville, Ar $ 653,600 MLS#  601770 ( Under Construction) Built By Van Construction,Inc


New Home Under Construction 3606 NW Riverbend Rd. Bentonville, AR $ 449,500


New Home Under Construction #1 Hobkirk Dr, Bella Vista, AR  $ 215,700



Whether your need is to sell your current home, purchase a new home or have a home custom built Absolute Realty is here to serve you. Staging and improving your home for sale is one of the most important services we provide.  We know how to create the “wow” factor for your home and property.  Our many years of selling experience in this complex market give our client’s an edge in finding qualified buyers to help you maximize the return on your investment.


We take your list of desires and needs and with our knowledge of the market, we can find the home just right for you.  Our strong negotiating skills become an important asset for you to optimize your money and get the best value for the dollar.


Can’t find the home for you? Consider building. Our expert staff and their relationships with the finest custom builders in the area will assist you through the entire process.