Certified Green Builder

Van Construction is a certified Green Builder giving  you a “whole house” approach to green living.

Green building doesn’t necessarily cost more money, but in fact can save you money. 
It does require more planning on the front end to maximize the building site and determine the best options for an energy efficient envelope.  We can help determine which green building aspects you need for your home and your lifestyle, in order to get the most from your energy saving features.  There is great science in green building and the skills of Van Construction marry together the art of great design and the science of new building technologies to provide a wonderfully unique home.  As energy bills continue to escalate, green building offers a sustainable opportunity to lower usage of fossil fuels and take better advantage of the sun and other renewable resources.  Our clients have commented that getting a utility bill is no longer a nightmare!  The savings can be tremendous.

Van Construction offers the whole house approach to green building:  Site Orientation, Design, Resource Efficiency, Envelope Durability, Homeowner Education, Waste Management, Water Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.

Building Green means lower operating costs, improving environmental quality, enhances  the durability of your home with less maintenance.  Ultimately it can and will increase the re-sale value of your home should you desire to sell in the future. Contact us for more information.